Wild Water: Reviewed by The Reading Nook.

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A beautiful story to get lost in, fast paced and intriguing with its realistic characters and atmospheric scenery…

Wild Water is definitely a more mature read. Really like the author’s rich style of writing and how she draws you into not just the story but also the beautiful landscape the characters are in. Proving that characters in their early forties can still act like teenagers and get the chance at a true HEA again after heartbreak even when they thought their time had come and gone.

Right from the get go you know that Jack’s wife Patsy has been playing away from home and it’s a pattern she has had all her life it seems! There are a few moments when you just want to step into the book and give her a slap for how she treats not only Jack but also her whole family. You are on tender hooks just trying to figure out whom she might be with and when Jack is going to find out. Even when you get a clue to whom it could be you are never quite sure whether to believe it as it would be the obvious choice or whether it could be someone out of left field you haven’t read about yet.

Jack thought they were a happy family – husband, wife, and three children – but not everything is quite what it seems. When his wife leaves – taking his youngest daughter with her – it pushes Jack into a dark place of drinking, but soon thoughts of a divorce / custody battle start to be his focus. From this he now has time to think about what makes him happy and that just happens to be about the time that his teenage love comes back on the scene – Anna. With seeing her again it starts to bring up memories of the past and he has to decide whether he wants to act on them as a way to bring closure to it or whether it’s that he wants to start something again fresh for a future.

The moment that Anna sees Jack again it brings back all her feelings which she thought would have been long gone by now. But even after all these years he still manages to affect her. With Jack taking over his father’s estate agents where she lives he is then the one dealing with the sale of her house. It brings him and his teenage son closer to not just her but her teenage son aswell. She can see that they are all bonding but she just has to decide whether to let her heart get involved again as she might not survive the blow this time.

The connection between the two main characters, Jack and Anna, is great. You can see the past feelings they felt for one another coming to the surface and that they are having a lot of ‘what if’ moments going round their minds of what might have been at the beginning of the story. As a reader you are right there with them in thinking about what their lives could have been like but know that things happen for a reason and what will be will be. They were meant to come back to each other as stronger people, ones who will be able to handle everything that gets thrown at them – which is a lot!

Family drama and chaos go hand in hand throughout this story. Building right up to the pivotal moment when every secret comes to a head. You can only run from them for so long before they come back to bite you in the arse. A beautiful story to get lost in, fast paced and intriguing with its realistic characters and atmospheric scenery. Would definitely recommend this author, as she is such a great storyteller.

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