Silver Rain: Reviewed by Jenny Lloyd

silver-rain-cover-medium-webThis is the third book I’ve read by this author and she truly never fails to deliver a rattling good contemporary romance.
The stage is set; Going through a divorce from his wife, Helen, loveable rogue, Al, is going out with Jo who is little older than his daughter. Virtually homeless, because he has to sell his house to give his wife the lion’s share, Al turns up at his brother George’s home (which Al half owns). Al’s arrival is far from welcome, as there is an ongoing feud between Al and his brother due to something Al did, years ago, which George has never forgiven him for. It isn’t long before the cracks become chasms in Al’s relationships with his brother and his girlfriend.
Along comes Kate for a ‘holiday’. She is recently widowed from a husband she didn’t love and friend to George’s wife, Fran. George and Fran’s marriage seems to be going down the pan since Al’s arrival, and Fran is struggling to cope. Kate helps out – it isn’t everyone’s idea of a holiday but it is a welcome break from helping her mother, who seems to be going dotty in her dotage, and Kate’s selfish, immature sister, AnneMarie.
Al is in love with Jo, isn’t he? So why is he so attracted to Kate, despite all his efforts not to be? As George and Fran’s relationship goes from bad to worse, how much is Al to blame? Kate fancies the pants off him but what if he is nothing more than a heartbreaker? As family secrets begin to surface and tensions mount, the growing attraction between Al and Kate becomes an emotional roller-coaster.
As always with Jan Ruth, the characters are brought to life with immense credibility and their predicaments so real that you can totally relate and feel a rapport with them. Add to all that the dramatic scenery of Snowdonia and you have a great read. Jenny Lloyd.
5 out of 5 stars.
Jenny Lloyd is author of Leap the Wild Water & The calling of the Raven.
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