Dark Water: Reviewed by Jenny Lloyd.

Dark Water Cover MEDIUM WEBSecrets from the past, untold truths, are about to catch up with Jack Redman in the form of nutter, Simon Banks, who wants to help himself to a large slice of Jack’s life. Simon doesn’t need to do much to get it – he just has to spill the beans. He’s relying on his old lover, Patsy, who will do pretty much anything for money, to help him do it. You know how it is when the most important decisions (the one’s that might, just might, mess up your life if you get them wrong) thrust themselves upon you and demand to be answered when too much else is already happening in your life and you can’t deal with this, too? So, you follow the choice that tugs at your emotional heart strings, even though alarm bells are ringing in your head; you barely hear your own voice of reason above the clatter and clutter of your life and, anyway, you don’t have the time or energy to think straight.
This is what happens to Jack and the choice he makes is to let bygones be bygones and go along with his ex- wife’s plea to move herself and their children into Jack’s cottage, just down the road from Jack’s love nest with Anna. Everyone but Anna thinks the devious and manipulative Patsy has reformed and is finally acting in her children’s best interest. Anna is the voice in the wilderness, ignored and increasingly marginalised. Jack is torn between his two great loves – Anna, and his kids from his marriage to Patsy. He has to do what is right for his kids but it seems that Anna is unwilling to compromise. As the strain on their relationship takes its toll, Simon Banks is watching and waiting to destroy all that Jack holds dear.
Jan Ruth is a master story-teller. Her characters and their predicaments are so human and so real that you are immediately immersed in their lives; feeling their pain, their joy, and sharing in their laughter, their fears and insecurities. I was rooting for Anna in this one, clasping my forehead with my hand and thinking, oh no, Jack, you IDIOT! Read it, you will see what I mean!
5 out of 5 stars.
Jenny Lloyd is author of Leap the Wild Water & The calling of the Raven.https://jennylloydwriter.wordpress.com/leap-the-wild-water/
Original post: http://ow.ly/Rrsl1

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