Wild Water: Reviewed by Jenny Lloyd.

Wild Water Cover MEDIUM WEBObviously, I was drawn by the title and that this novel was partly set in my beloved Wales, so there was the hook of these similarities. All similarities end there. This is right up to date, a contemporary romance which is so much more than the genre implies. It was totally engrossing, and yes, I couldn’t put it down. I have the shadows under my eyes to prove it. To say this novel exceeded any expectations is an understatement. I was hooked from beginning to end, so emotionally involved with the characters that I fell in love with Jack Redman and hoped his horrible, ruthless wife, Patsy, would die, or at least find a thread of moral fibre in herself and see the misery she was inflicting on their children. Yes, I know, it is ridiculous to feel so strongly about characters. It’s just a story! I admonished myself, every time I felt my anger rise as Patsy descended further down the road of destruction.
It is the mark of a rare and talented writer to be able to create characters so real that you root for them, cry with them, fall in love with them or hate them, laugh out loud on one page ( I loved the humour running through this book), only to be moved to tears on the next. The author’s portrayal of the characters was truly masterful.
This story was all the more heart-wrenching for being firmly rooted in reality. What happens to Jack happens to many others, far too often. I know, because it happened to someone dear to me and twenty-five years on, he is still picking up the pieces. The ruthless and heartless Patsys of this world have a great deal of heartbreak to answer for.
The story; Jack Redman, funny, loveable, successful and wealthy estate agent, can feel the ground shifting from beneath his feet every time his wife looks at him with contempt or finds another reason to criticise him. He doesn’t know how, he doesn’t know why, but he knows something has gone badly wrong and all his attempts to put things right cannot halt the slide. As Jack’s life goes into meltdown and he risks losing everything and everyone important to him, the strain takes its toll, and Anna, his first love, is the only person keeping him sane. But she’d have to be mad to have anything to do with him again, after all these years, when he’d dropped her to marry Patsy, wouldn’t she? Besides, she is seriously involved with somebody else.
Great characters, great plot, page-turning suspense and all very well written. As I got near to the end of the book, I found myself torn between the compulsion to keep reading while not wanting it to end. Imagine my delight when I turned the last page and discovered there is a sequel – Dark Water! I’ve bought it already – that says it all, really. Wild Water has bagged a place on my top-ten-favourite-books-list for this year. Dark Water, here I come! Jenny Lloyd.
5 out of 5 stars.

Jenny Lloyd is author of Leap the Wild Water & The calling of the Raven. https://jennylloydwriter.wordpress.com/leap-the-wild-water/


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