White Horizon: Reviewed by A Woman’s Wisdom.

white-horizon-cover-medium-webThe scene is set by the lovely Victoria who has an abusive husband Max. I felt a lot of compassion for her in the beginning but then as the book went on my feelings towards this character began to change as her true colours came to the forefront. There are a lot of emotions in this book; lives are entangled and decisions made which threaten the happiness of all. The heroine for me was Tina who showed them all what true love really is.

I found myself quite emotionally involved, particularly with Tina and Daniel whose situation I couldn’t help feeling a lot of compassion for. Daniel gets caught up in trying to get the hotel off the ground and along the way fails to notice what is really happening with his wife, mistakenly thinking she doesn’t want him anymore and getting swept up in looking after the vulnerable Victoria whose dangerous husband is determined she will not leave the marital bed as he seeks to finally control her once and for all.

This book is filled with characters who shine and slot in to place beautifully and it has an absorbing plot. A difficult book to put down. Jan Ruth’s books are going to find a permanent place on my bookshelf; a wonderful storyteller!

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