Silver Rain: Reviewed by A Woman’s Wisdom.

Wild Water Cover MEDIUM WEBKate is in a position many women find themselves in at fifty; with a parent who needs extra care and a family who feel she is the one to do it. Her sister Annemarie is too caught up in her own relationship troubles to look after her own children properly and it is left to Kate to be the responsible one. Then things change and Kate starts to think about what her needs are. Tragedy strikes when Kate’s husband Greg dies in an accident after he rushes out of the door and rides off when she tells him their marriage is over leaving her with a bag full of mixed emotions of what she should and shouldn’t feel. She visits Greg’s sister Fran, a friend and ally, for a short break to try and sort herself out but instead she finds herself drawn into their family disharmony and to a secret which has kept Fran’s husband George and his brother Al at loggerheads for years. While Kate re-evaluates what is important to her and where she wants to be things get more complicated still as she finds herself falling for the family black-sheep.

This is a modern and strong family saga with clever twists and turns beautifully synced together making it one of my favourite books this year. It has everything; strong women, human flaws, challenging family relationships, romance and skeletons in the cupboard all flowing together at a good pace.

5 out of 5 stars.


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