Wild Water: Reviewed by Faith Mortimer

Wild Water Cover MEDIUM WEBWild Water…emotions run deep.
I feel Wild Water crosses genre. It is romantic, definitely not chick-lit or a Mills and Boon book, but certainly women’s and contemporary fiction, and I have to say a great read for men as well as women as we see relationships from all sides. The book is funny with tragic overtones, all carefully portrayed in the books characters…the long-suffering, big-hearted, and very special, Jack Redman and his ghastly, greedy and selfish but beautiful wife, Patsy. Then we’re introduced to Jack’s old flame, kind-hearted and captivating Anna, his brother the devilishly wicked Danny, Jack’s two children and his workaholic father and long-suffering mother are just a few people you’ll meet. Jan gives us colourful, rich characters that we’ve all met and love to either hate or adore. Their place in the book quickly makes the reader realise they are real people with the depth, quality and complexities of life problems many of us will be only too familiar with.
Jan Ruth has a real talent as a story-maker. I found her writing passionate, dramatic, and intelligent with a style easy to read.
Throughout the book I found my emotions being assailed in every chapter and I was not 100% certain there was going to be a neat and happy ending…you will have to read the book to check that out yourself! But if you like being taken on a roller-coaster journey with many surprises, then this novel could well be the one for you. You’ll be treated to good dialogue scenes, real and flawed characters, stunning settings – and all moving forward at a good pace.
414-b0aD6TL._UX250_Highly recommended and well deserving 5 stars – and one of the best books I’ve read this year. Faith Mortimer.
Original post: http://ow.ly/Ro7gf
Author Faith Mortimer: http://www.faithmortimerauthor.com/

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