White Horizon: Reviewed by E.J.Miller

white-horizon-cover-medium-webI reviewed this book for the Awesome Indies website, where only the best Indie books with the highest quality of writing and production are accepted.

What a great read! From the very first sentence, the reader is intrigued by the events taking place. Who could not wonder why Victoria was not remotely interested in what appears to be the local wedding of the year? By the end of the third paragraph, by means of subtle signals, I was hooked – needing to know who were these rakish individuals getting married because of a drunken pact made years before, and why was Max not the pillar of society everyone imagined?

The mixture of characters who have known each other for decades, but who find their lives once again entwined because of this unlikely wedding is a potent one, giving rise to painful truths, even more painful lies and a growing self-awareness amongst these old friends who, though they thought they were all grown up, find they still have quite a way to go.

Smooth, wonderfully descriptive writing combined with perfect pacing make it very difficult to set this book aside. Dialogue is great – witty, realistic, appropriate for the ages of the characters and always engaging.

Dealing with themes of love, desire, loss, disappointment and futility, but with healthy doses of optimism as the adults in this story find their way towards the rest of their lives, with the help of one another and, most interestingly, their children, this deep and thought provoking romance will raise questions in the reader’s mind and revive feelings, memories and emotions that may have been long forgotten.


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